Turning dreams
into reality

We turn every ‘what if?’ dream into a ‘now we can!’ reality. We’re a full service agency that works with ambitious businesses to deliver deep insights, strong relationships, visionary campaigns and great results.

The Main Agency provides the expertise and resource you need, delivered by a team with a wealth of specialist and industry knowledge. Working with clients on a global basis in the automotive, pharmaceutical, retail, telecommunication sectors and beyond.


Our Key Pillars

Our focus is on one to one communication and our experience in this area is vast. The Main Agency is a logical evolution from Mailit4U, a long established and highly successful business with many blue chip global clients. Established twenty years ago, Mailit4U are experts in maximising the potential of customer contact through every interaction.

It’s unusual to find the depth and range of expertise that we deliver under one roof. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about the pillars of our business and the way they can combine to transform your business.


Key market sectors

The team at The Main Agency has extensive experience of delivering full service solutions across many key sectors.

There’s no substitute for this strength in depth and level of knowledge. It means that we have no steep leaning curve to climb in order to appreciate the core issues impacting your market, the competitive pressures your business faces or the language it speaks. Instead, a fast start to a partnership built on real understanding.


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